Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Want an unlimited Data Plan for your Smartphone? You have until Thursday

I just heard the news that Verizon Wireless will be changing it's unlimited data plan for Smartphones (including the iPhone) on Thursday July 7th.  New customers who purchase a smart phone will now have tiered options to choose from which are:

$10 a month for 75MB
$30 a month for 2GB
$50 a month for 5GB
$80 a month for 10GB

Also, if you go over your plan, you will be charged $10 per GB over.

Currently Verizon's data plan is $30 a month for unlimited usage. 

This is not new in the industry, Apple also has a tiered data plan, which is slightly less than Verizon's will be.

What does this mean for you?   If you use under 2GB a month, then you won't be affected much, in fact you may be able to change your plan over to $10 a month. However if you are close to that 2GB, you may need to keep a close eye on your usage each month.  Verizon says (I called them) that most customers do not use more than 2GB a month and therefore most of their customers will not be affected by this change.

But what if you do use more than 2GB a month, say you are a blogger who uses your smartphone for most of your work.  Well there are two options, the first option is, if you are already a Verizon customer you should be grandfathered in to the unlimited data plan.  This should count if you upgrade your phone also (notice I said should).  But you will most likely only be grandfathered with an upgrade on the same brand. So an iPhone 4 upgraded to an iPhone 5, still grandfathered. An Iphone upgraded to a Droid, probably not going to happen.

What if you aren't a Verizon customer, or you don't have a smartphone that would be included.  Option two is to sign up before Thursday July 7th.  I know, there's not a lot of time!

The third option is to just suck it up and pay the additional costs if you get a new smartphone from Verizon after July 7th. 

I choose Option 2.  I'm already a Verizon customer, but not with a great phone.  I've been planning on getting an iPhone for awhile now, I've just been waiting for the prices to go down.  I don't know if I'll go over the 2GB a month or not, but now I feel comfortable knowing that I won't have one more thing to worry about each month.  But I'm sure the prices on the iPhone will go down very shortly now!

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