Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our new family go to beach- Lewes Beach

We're very lucky to have a house in Rehoboth that we can go to anytime we want for free- my grandparents place! My husband took off on Monday so that we could enjoy a long weekend. We headed down Saturday morning and came back home to Wilmington Monday early afternoon. In that time, we went to Lewes Beach twice, out to eat, to the Rehoboth Boardwalk and my husband took our five year old to Mini Golf for his first time. And of course we spent time with my grandparents, my parents and cousins.

My family's favorite beach for a while now has been Tower Beach (which is a state park) because it used to be pretty uncrowded.  But I think the secret is out now, because it seems like for the past couple of years Tower Beach has gotten a lot more crowds. 

Now that we have young kids, the beach that we tend to go to is Lewes Beach because the waves are much more calm and we can feel more comfortable with our 2 1/2 year old and 5 year old playing in the water.

My parents are major beach bums who will stay on the beach for up to 8 hours each day.  While we enjoy the beach that's just too much for us with kids (even without).  We've found that it works out best for us to bring the kids onto the beach after 2:30/3 and then to stay for a couple of hours.  By this time, the crowds have died down a bit, it's easier to find parking and the sun is not too hot.  When parking at Lewes Beach during prime times, it can be very difficult to find a parking spot, my husband once spent over an hour trying to find a spot.  But every time we have gone later in the afternoon we have had no problems at all.  Parking is $1.50 per hour, so bring lots of quarters with you. 

Don't worry Rehoboth, your boardwalk still has my heart :)

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