Saturday, February 25, 2012

Delaware Family Expo- Today!

Did you know that there is a Delaware Family Expo going on today at the Chase Center on the Riverfront?  I just read about it while skimming through the online version of Delaware's Out and About Magazine.

The Family Expo will be today from 10am- 4 pm or 5 pm, depending on the website that you go to, but I think it's 4 pm.   It is free admission and promises to connect you with local companies that will strengthen, entertain, and encourage your children and family as well as having costumed characters, indoor golf, an inflatable slide and many more special surprises.

Some local companies that will be there include the Brandywine Zoo, Delaware Nature Society, The Little Gym of Wilmington and the Wilmington Blue Rocks.

You just might see me there looking for fun summer camps for my boys!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm lazy sometimes!

I'll admit it, some days I am just lazy! Today is one of those days. Today is one of the first days in a bit that I haven't had much going on. Yesterday I volunteered at my 6 year old's kindergarten class, took my 3 year old to speech class, made dinner, did some paperwork, had a meeting in the evening, etc. and today I don't have any of that stuff that needs to be done but I just have not been motivated to get stuff done today. Believe me, there is a lot that could be done around the house. I haven't yet decided what's for dinner and it's 3 o'clock. Plus, it's beautiful out so I should be much more energized. I'm even too lazy to put a picture on this post!