Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bird feeder

My 5 year old, Beluga, had his last day of preschool (sniff) last Friday, so I'm in the mood to start planning summer activities. On Friday I went with my youngest and picked up a bird feeder and some bird seed from our local Home Depot. I couldn't decide which bird feeder I liked best so I just let Chunka pick one out. On Saturday the boys and I went out back to fill the feeder up with seed and hang it.

Unfortunately, I didn't think about what trees we had and all our trees were either to big with branches 10 feet above our house or too small that they couldn't handle the weight of the bird feeder. Beluga wanted to hang it from his swing set, but I convinced him that we could just set it on one of the stumpsmof a tree that we got cut down. Maybe we will be able to figure out a better location during the summer!