Friday, July 29, 2011

Mom of 2 boys, BMBH, and Poop

                                                    Please do NOT wake sleeping children!

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Yesterday I wrote a short blog that was titled "So Tired" because I was so tired :b  It was a very short post that I said I would try to continue, but I think I knew in the back of my head that the post would never be finished and it was really just a chance for me to vent.  So why was I so tired?

Because I'm a mom of two boys!  In general I think just being a mom of any amount of children and any gender is going to make you pretty tired.  But there really is just something about boys.

  I'm doing okay today, but yesterday was rough.  It started with my 2 1/2 year old waking up around 5 something.  I tried getting him to fall back asleep but he was set on going downstairs.  So we went downstairs to lay on the couch and thank goodness we both were able to fall back asleep for a short period.

It was my 5 year old's last day of camp, so we drove the 40 minute drive that I've been doing for 3 days a week the past 6 weeks to get to Hockessin (it was an excellent camp, so it was totally worth it).  Then me and Chunka (my 2 1/2 year old) went to Kmart to return an item.  Then Chunka had Little Gym at 10 am.  Then we stopped at a store to pick up a baby shower gift.  Then I picked Beluga (my 5 year old) up from camp.  Then we drove 40 minutes home so we could be home in time for Chunka's speech therapy.  Chunka usually loves playing with his speech therapist but yesterday he was just in a mood.  He didn't want to do anything he was asked.  He is also at his "me do" period where he wants to do everything himself.  So he had a complete meltdown when I wouldn't let him cut up his own strawberries.  Then I tried putting him down for a nap which had quite a few interruptions due to the fact that he now almost daily goes poop in his pull up at nap time. He pooped twice yesterday during his nap, the last one requiring a bath and the end of his nap.

                                        (Not poop, just mud, although it could very easily be poop)
And that's where I was at yesterday when I wrote that I was so tired and still had lots to do for the rest of the day (which included physical therapy and swim class).  Mind you all of this could have been exactly the same with two little girls, but in my experience (which isn't a lot because I have two boys!) boys are especially great at pushing things.  And I can't speak for all boys, but mine are especially energetic.  Most days you will see the two of them running around and around the coffee table yelling and laughing.  One a their favorite parts of the day it when daddy comes home, he has about 7 minutes to get changed before hearing "Daddy, let's wrestle!"  Yesterday I was worn down, but most days I love it more than anything!!  I always imagined that I would have at least one girl, because I'm so girly.  Plus my husband had one sibling, a sister and I had one sibling, a brother, so that's what we were used to.  But now I think it is so nice that to see my boys being brothers!  It's a really unique special bond that they have.  Plus I'm girly enough for our family. 

Chocolate, not poop, although this child did eat a worm once.

Have you noticed a difference between raising boys or girls?
Please note: the writing of this post was interrupted because I heard Chunka up from his nap.  Why? Because he was poopy of course!  Also, please note, spell check does not recognize poopy as a word :b

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