Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Themed Activities- Clouds

I used to work at a Rec & Respite camp every other Saturday for three years.  One of the most difficult and also most enjoyable parts was coming up with themes every week and different activities to go along with the themes that the kids would enjoy.  I'm going to try to post different theme ideas for those who work in camps, after school programs, home school or just want some fun activities to do with their kids.  Our first theme will be Clouds.  You may have to adjust some activities to work for different ages, an 11 year old may not want to pretend to be an airplane going around the clouds :)  Here are some ideas:

Read the book: Little Cloud by Eric Carle

Paint clouds
Jump to touch clouds
Cotton Ball Clouds – Use blue construction paper and have the kids glue cotton balls to make clouds.
          Having   the children pull the cotton balls apart a bit makes the clouds look more realistic. 
Make Clouds out of Shaving Cream onto blue plastic plates
Pretend to be airplanes going around the clouds
Go outside and look for different shapes and pictures in the clouds
Make a cloud wind puppet  Dltk Kids- Weather Crafts
Sing this cloud song (found from Preschool Express)
Tune:  “I’m A Little Teapot” I’m a little cloud, in the sky.
You can find me, way up high.
Sometimes I’m puffy and sometimes stretched out.
I just love to float about.
                                    Jean Warren

Here are some great links for planning your cloud activities
Weather Wiz Kids
Preschool Express
Eric Carle Cloud Activities for the Classroom
DLTK Kids- Crafts  One of my favorite websites for theme ideas!

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