Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Summer List

As I've mentioned, I love reading blogs!  One thing that is all the rage right now on some of my favorite blogs are making a summer checklist of things that your kids and family want to do.  Blogs such as The Finer Things in Life, 320 Sycamore, A Soft Place to Land and I believe the original source from Whatever.  I love this because the summer always seems to go by so quickly and with two boys ages 5 and 2, I feel like their childhoods will also be as fleeting.  So I think a summer list is a great way for us to live intentionally. I liked the typed up version that was provided by DIY Newlyweds, so I totally bit off of them :)  I asked my 5 year old, Beluga (I'm still torn on using my kids real names or nicknames) if he had any ideas.  Let me just say, he was not lacking in ideas.

He gave me his list that included:

1- Go to Yo Yo Joe's (a local toy store in Wilmington that sells Thomas trains and other fun toys)
2- Eat SnoCones
3- Have a Lemonade Stand
4- Go to Grammy's (my grandmother who lives in Rehoboth)
5- Go to a Baseball Game
6- Go to the Beach
7- Go to the Ice Cream Store
8- Go to Chuck E Cheese
9- Go to the Pool
10- Go Camping
11- Make Smores
12- Ride his Bike
13- See Fireworks
14- Paint
15- Go to the Boardwalk and eat Ice Cream
16- See Thomas at the Strasburg Railroad
17- Do Puzzles
18- Roast Hot Dogs
19- Go to the WaterPark at Sesame Place (we had been to Sesame Place in Oct. so no water for us then)
20- Buy our own Fireworks (he gets this from my dad, hopefully he'll be satisfied with sparklers)
21- Learn to Rollerskate
22- Make Playdough
23- Feed Ducks
24- Blow bubbles
25- Sleepover at both Grandparents (I like this one!)
26- Go on a boat
27- Go Fishing
28- Eat Fish Sticks
29- Living Room Sleepover
30- Party at our House
31- Make Waffles and Pancakes
32- Catch Lighting Bugs
33- Go to the Zoo
34- Plant Flowers
35- Make a Fort
36- Go to the Movies
37- Water Balloon Fight
38- Build Robot with Toys

So there is his long list.  But I'll admit that I don't think he has anything listed that is too unreasonable.  We've already marked off about 8 items on the list, I mean Eat Fish Sticks, yeah I can handle that.  Other things we may have to be more creative with, for example, I'm not sure how to build a robot and we'll have to look into that boat thing.  Oh yeah, and we had a party at our house last Sunday for two close friends who are leaving, but apparently that didn't count because he wants a party for himself at our house, note that his birthday is in November. 

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