Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Phanatical about reading

I love learning about programs that encourage reading and education!  The News journal recently highlighted the "Phillies Be a Phanatic About Reading program" in which two Delaware students were honored for being the "most outstanding" or "most improved" readers in the program.  Congratulations!  To read this article, go to News Journal.

 According to the MLB Phillies Website:

The program is divided into two levels: one for children in grades K through 3 and the other for grades 4 through 8. Children will be asked to spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day reading whatever book they select. Younger children will be given Phanatic coloring sheets to color in once they have attained their goal while older children will be asked to record the book they read and write a few sentences on their favorite part of the book.

The Phillie Phanatic will make a special visit to the top performing schools. To qualify for a Phanatic visit, children will report their progress to their teachers who in turn will tell the Phillies how the children have done in their reading endeavors. From that progress report, schools will be selected for a school visit.

One of the teachers' testimonials was:

This program has been terrific for reluctant readers. It has been especially rewarding for students that were not motivated readers. It has been rewarding to watch these young readers become more fluent readers.

How great is that!  To learn more about this program, check out Phanatic About Reading Program

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