Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Delaware State Parks Guide- there's an app for that!

When I heard there was a Delaware State Parks app, I was excited because I love all that our state parks have to offer, but I know that there is a lot out there to enjoy that I'm not even aware of.  So I happily downloaded the free app (lite version) to see what it had to offer.

One of the first things that I noticed on this app was the Severe Weather Alert that popped up telling me that minor tidal flooding was possible with the evening tide.  Whenever there is a Severe Weather Alert (more recently it's been about heat warnings) then the alert will pop up. You can choose to have the severe weather alert turned on or off if you find it annoying, but I thought it was quite helpful.

The first tab on the app is the Park Activities, where you can choose from activities such as Adventure Race, Baseball, Beaches, Bird Watching, Camping, Fishing and much more and find out which state parks have these activities.  For instance I clicked on Geocaching, which I am interested in doing in the future and it gave me 5 tabs, a Good-to-Know tab that explains what Geocaching is, and a tab for Brandywine Creek State Park, Cape Henlopen State Park, First State Heritage Park and Killens Pond State Park.  

One of my favorite features is the events tab where you can click on any day to see different events available at our state parks. Today it listed the audio and walking tours of the Dover Green at the First State Heritage Park.  Also, if you decide that an event sounds fun and you want to invite others, there is a handy invite button that automatically prepares an email for you.  One thing that I would like to see on the events calendar is a button to highlight which day it currently is, but that's only because I often have to pause a minute to figure out the date. 

While on this app, you are able to continue your social networking by signing in to Facebook and Twitter, which is always handy.

As I mentioned, the Official Delaware State Parks Guide app is free, but you are able to also purchase a pro version for $3.99 which contains additional tools such as GPS mapping, a tool to locate the parks nearest you (love!), a friend finder that let's you keep track of companions while on a trail and more.

To download either the free version or the $3.99 Pro GPS version, you can go to: DE State Park Apps

Also, if you decide to download the Pro GPS version, a substantial portion of your purchase is given back to the Delaware State Parks.  Not many apps do that!

So go check out the Official Delaware State Parks Guide app and if you know anything about geocaching, let me know :)

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