Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I wore Wednesday- my first try!

I actually wore this the Friday before last- it sometimes takes me a while to post things :b

I'm going to have to figure out the best place to take pictures from a good angle.  I'm also doing Weight Watchers, so this will give me a good reference of how I'm looking in my clothes.  So here's what I wore:

Pink & Gray Argyle Sweater from New York & Company, underneath the sweater I have on my Maidenform at Home Black Slimming Tank (not currently available- was a special offer for Hosts and Consultants in March), Jeans from Gap and the adorable Peach Chrysanthemum Flower Necklace  from Love Stitched that I actually purchased from Groopdealz

Where I wore it: The plan was to wear this to my internship for casual Friday but instead it was spent taking my 5 year old to the doctor thinking he had strep only to find out that it was suspected he had mono!  We then went to AI DuPont Children's Hospital to get blood work done which confirmed that he did in fact have Mono- what a day :(

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