Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Celebration! Free Water Ice from Rita's

The other day when it was pretty nice out, my 5 year old Matthew told me that he thinks it's summer now :)  Well not quite, but it is Spring- finally!

Thanks to Mama Cheaps for reminding me that you can go to Rita's Water Ice between noon and 9 pm and get a Free water ice!

For some reason, I've had it in my head that the free water ice was always on the first day of summer.  Is it both or did I just totally make that up? I do know that there has been more than one year that I have gone on the wrong day, either the day before or the day after!

Also, I saw on their website that Rita's Water Ice has also teamed up with Recycle Bank to offer members $1 of a $5 purchase- every little bit counts!

Enjoy your water ice!!

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