Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying it Again!

So I love reading blogs!  I don't know how many blogs I have saved in my google reader, but often one of my goals is to get the number of posts under All items to be under 1000 and this is often not easy to do!  This is because I have many different blogs that I love to read- frugal mom blogs that are always updating us with awesome coupons, inexpensive style blogs that show us awesome looks on the cheap, direct selling blogs that give us tips (because I do 2 direct sales companies), mom blogs in general, makeup blogs, home decorating- especially frugal home decorating- I love it all! 

This is now my second or third blog that I have tried starting up, I just never kept up with the other ones.  I think the problem with my previous blogs is that one of the reasons I started was to promote my businesses and also that I tried to focus on one aspect of my life.  So this blog will be different, I'm just going to write about anything I feel like.  Wish me luck!

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