Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just call me PumpkinBuddy

I love using pumpkins as decorations for the fall, but I'm also a bit frugal and love getting a good deal! So I'm planning on comparing pumpkin prices in the area to help you get your money's worth! I can't be everywhere, so I'll need your help. When you see pumpkins selling, let me know the prices and we can compile a list to help everyone out!

Winners of Best Price (so far)

Pumpkins- Richardsons- 39 cents a pound or Superfresh $4.99 each (if you can get a 13 pounder or larger)

Here's what I have so far:

Marini's on Veale Road in Wilmington
Pumpkins 59 cents a pound
Baby Pam's/ Baby pumpkins $2.95 each
Apple Gords $2.99 each
Corn Stalks $3.95 a bunch
Mums 1 gallon $5.50 for each 3 for $15
Jack-B-Littles aka mini pumpkins 99 cents each
Gourds 99 cents a pound $3.25 a bag
Cinderella pumpkins 69 cents a pound
Mini pumpkins $1.29 each
Gooseneck squash $4.89 each

Richardson's Silverside Road Wilmington
9 inch Hardy Mums $5.99 each
6 for $35
Pumpkins 39 cents a pound
Mini pumpkins 99 cents
Mini white pumpkins 99 cents
Bag of gourds $4.99
Indian corn $3.99 bunch
Baby Pumpkins $2.99 each

Friendly Gift Shop in Branmar
Hanging Basket $12.50
Oval pot $12.50
Ex-Large pot $17.00
Hardy Mums $5

Super fresh in Branmar Plaza
Painted Pumpkins $11.99
Large Pumpkins $4.99 each
6 inch Hardy Mum 3 for $12
8 inch upgraded mums $6.99
Mini Pumpkins 3 for $5

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