Saturday, October 1, 2011

Starting my weight loss journey, um, once again.

                           When I look at this pic with the beautiful background, my eye goes to my middle :(

A couple of days ago I decide to really take the time to focus on myself and try to take off the pounds that have slowly crept up on me.  With a petite frame of 5'2 and at my highest weight ever of 149 pounds (not including pregnancy or right after pregnancy), my body mass index or BMI is calculated at 27.2 which is considered overweight.  I went to The National Hearl Lung and Blood Intitute's website to calculate this.  One indicator of health and risks associated with weight is your waist size.  I have not measured my waist but that is where all of my weight is, my arms are fine, my legs are a bit big, but they've always been that way.  Where I've really noticed it is around my waist- which is no more apparent than when getting dressed.  Anyone else who is also on a journey, I invite you to join me and we can help support each other!

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